An Innovative Sales Solution from a Proven Team

A long history of success

For the past decade the management team behind the platform has been helping auto dealerships sell more cars. We've created a successful business model ‐ the Auto Buyers Network program ‐ based on affiliate partnerships and dealer management appointments with qualified buyers. The result: markedly lower customer acquisition costs and higher close rates for participating dealerships. Our philosophy is simple, the more appointments, the more sales. This formula has been proven successful with hundreds of dealerships benefitting and millions in referral dollars generated. is the “next generation” retooling of this proven platform. A robust and fully automated referral management and appointment tracking system, is an effective, cloud based, easy-to-use Software as a Service SaaS" solution that paves the way for your most powerful and profitable internal dealership marketing team yet!

Meet the executive team

  • Ondra Mayfield, Founder and CEO

    With his extensive background in automotive, pharmaceutical and technology sales, Ondra understands the problems facing car dealerships today. Ondra founded the Auto Buyers Network to bring together dealerships, consumers, and affiliate partners to create a “win/win” scenario for everyone, and is excited about building on that success with

  • Bradley Mohr, Chief Technology Officer

    Brad brings almost two decades of programming experience to, where his responsibilities include overseeing all aspects of technology development and support. Brad has worked with a host of Fortune 500 companies, and has been featured in such publications as “Internet Weekly” as an internet pioneer.

  • Charles “Chuck” Jones, Chief Operating Officer

    After earning his degree in Industrial Engineering from Columbia University, Chuck developed a very strong track record in both engineering and sales. At he focuses on applying these skills to sales, marketing, new market developments and technology creation.

  • Michael Laffey, Esq., General Counsel

    Is an innovative attorney and entrepreneur with over 20 years of legal and corporate experience, Mr. Laffey has a keen understanding of the intersection between business and law. His expertise is invaluable for helping manage legal strategy, contract negotiations, human resources and strategic planning.


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