8 More Reasons Why You'll Love ReferAppointment.com

In Addition to Increased Appointments & Sales

ReferAppointment.com combines referral network building and tracking with appointment scheduling, tracking and optimizing. It's the best of all worlds in an intelligent, automated system that integrates with your existing sales process.

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    You'll save time and resources
    ReferAppointments.com is a cost-effective system that results in confirmed appointments, not questionable leads. Passing the advertising and operations savings on to your customers through lower prices, better experiences and cash incentives will make it even easier to turn these scheduled appointments into closed sales.

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    The system comes to you
    No need to remember to log in! You'll automatically receive alerts for all important network activity, including daily recaps of appointments, results and follow ups.

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    It's extremely easy to use
    And it keeps your sales people consistently asking for referrals. Pre-written invitations, time-sensitive notifications and reminders, videos, follow-up prompts and incentives keep everyone actively engaged and referring.

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    It's accessible from anywhere
    You, your affiliates, your customers and their referrals can all easily access the system from desk tops, laptops, tablets or smart phones.

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    Everything is customized
    Each member of your referral network (including you!) gets their own branded, customized ReferAppointment.com site. Click on these links to take a look at a sample dealer page, salesperson page, affiliate page and customer page for an automotive dealer.

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    The reports are extensive
    Reports are generated in real time and from all aspects of the system, giving you a tremendous view into customer buying patterns and sales staff performance. In addition, your salespeople will receive reports detailing their appointments and sales, while affiliates and customers will receive reports tracking referrals and incentive payment status.

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    There's nothing to download or maintain
    As a cloud-based system, ReferAppointment.com won't create work for your IT staff. Plus, it's efficient, scalable, and integrates with the most popular email providers like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and more ‐ making it even easier for your network members to reach out to their contacts.

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