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Buying a Car? Here's Another Way that Can Help You Save $$s!!
. is always looking for ways to help you save money. In addition to our other benefits, we would also like to introduce a network of well-respected local auto dealerships. Because these dealerships save time from direct referrals, they have all agreed to pass these savings on to those affiliated with in the form of lower prices on both new and used vehicles.
For hassle-free auto buying:
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    Do your research into the vehicle you want - but don't give your contact information to any of those other websites. If you do, these websites will pass your contact information on to the dealership, and the dealership will add the fee they pay for your contact information to the car's purchase price.

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    Schedule Direct Make an appointment direct with a dealership through this site, and then bring your confirmation number or a printout of your Appointment Confirmation Certificate with you to give to the Manager when you arrive.

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    Get a Great Deal Scheduling direct reduces the dealerships advertising and operational expenses, savings which are then passed on to you. And, because the first person you'll meet is the Manager (the person who ultimately negotiates and approves all sales), you won't be going in blind or dealing with some unknown person in a back office.

To find a dealer near you, please enter your zip code and the make of the vehicle you're looking for.


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