The center piece of success for several major dealership franchises, hearing what Lisa has to say may change the way you feel about referrals and appointments.
"This has given us a big increase in referrals and appointments. Appointments are made and people show up. The show percentage is very high, about 70%. And you can't beat the ease of the system! It's very thorough. The system makes it so everything is loaded up for you. The appointment is made, the information is there, you click a button and you have a customer and that customer's information. They're a great company to work with, a good partnership!"
Lisa Solodar - General Sales Manager
In the car business for many years Clover never sold a car until using our process. Initially reluctant to be hands on with customers, she realized quickly that when customers' expectations are managed properly the rest of the sale is easy. Here are her thoughts on our system:
"This system allows us to sell more cars. It's that simple. The show rate for these appointments is about 70% and the close rate is much higher than usual, too. When these customers walk in the door they already have a positive impression of our dealership. They have an appointment and they're coming in to see a person. Because of this they automatically assume they're going to be taken care of in a prompt and respectable manner, that they'll be treated special. So they're happier and easier to work with. And like I said, we sell more cars."
Clover Mayfield - Finance Manager
Cary's straight forward, "why waste time, because it's easy" approach is embraced by car-buyers and loyal team members alike, here's what he thinks about referrals and appointments:
"They just make everything easy. These customers come in well aware of the situation; it's a seamless process that's easy for both parties. They show up at a higher rate, 80 to 90% versus our typical 50%. And they always seem to be happy. The CSI scores for these customers are noticeably higher. And a lot are conquest customers from outside of our market area, which is really exciting for us. These are basically extra deals that we probably would not have got otherwise. This is not like the typical referral service where they send customers and hope for the best. This works."
Cary Rose - VP of Dealer Group
The principle of one of New Jersey oldest dealership franchises, Ms Tozzo knows exactly what it takes to be successful selling cars with appointments and referrals. Here's what she had to say about our processes:
"For us, referrals and appointments are vital. We do most of our business based on referrals and appointments. It's the only way to survive in today's market. And this system gives us a measurable increase in the number of appointments and referrals. We're getting people in the door from an hour away, even an hour and a half away! This is found business that we wouldn't have had a shot at otherwise, with a much higher close ratio, about 75% higher versus the close ratio for people that come in from other sources."
Julie Tozzo - Dealer Principle
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